• Tactical radios from many European nations are not interoperable
  • Causes serious problems conducting coalition operations
  • Almost all military scenarios in Europe (NATO) today involve operating in coalitions
  • Mission readiness is severely hampered when our troops cannot communicate

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The soldier pictured is using his mobile phone. Is he simply checking the latest sports scores or is he using it to share sensitive military information with colleagues from other nations using WhatsApp because he cannot speak with them on his radio ?
As hard as it is to believe, in 2017 many of our troops are using WhatsApp to communicate with each other because their radios are not interoperable. Fixing the problem with the radios will be expensive and time consuming.
ForceApp, the military secure alternative to WhatsApp is the solution that can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of upgrading the radios and with greater security than current unauthorized commercial solutions.


Amyntor MDM Software is a security and management software for IT administrators who wish to monitor, manage and secure corporate or personally owned mobile devices. The Product uses client-server architecture, with the devices acting as clients while MDM server remotely pushes configurations, apps, and policies managing the devices over-the-air (OTA).

Android Endpoint Device Management

IT administrators can remotely manage mobile endpoints such as mobile phones and tablets via the MDM server. It leverages the notification services available to contact the managed devices. It includes storing essential information about mobile devices, deciding which apps can be present on the devices, locating devices, and securing devices if lost or stolen.

The Aratos ADAS

The Aratos ADAS is seventh generation Anti-drone Defender Autonomy System.
It is designed in mobile and stationary version to disable the hostile unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ensuring protection of big areas and VIPs objects, or group of stationary objects, groups of people and/or other targets.
The Aratos ADAS Anti-drone Defender Autonomy System is a modular device, which consists of separate RADAR, OPTICS, RADIO and JAMMER modules. It is equipped with drone detection radar system and minimum 8 jammer modules.
The radar module is solid state, operating in “X”-band, large radar display area, dedicated GPS map aerial imagery and Doppler target evaluation.
The Aratos ADAS is fully autonomous system, and requires no supervision by operator.

Why The Aratos ADAS

The Aratos ADAS Anti-drone Defender Autonomy Mobile System corresponds to the requirements of professional equipment working stationary and in motion. It has been engineered according to MIL810F NATO Standard.The Aratos ADAS has an automatic protection system, which ensures its flawless operation.
This system monitors the operation modes of the radar and transmitter modules and the normal emission of the respective antennas. It keeps the monitored parameters in safety ranges. In the case of inadmissible changes in operation modes (i.e. no cooling and others) the protection system shuts down the corresponding module.
The design of the system gives all necessary information to the operator about the proper work of the system. It monitors normal power supply; readiness for working of the radar and transmitter modules, as well as transmitting of high-frequency energy to the antennas.
The security of servicing personnel is assured according to SAR EU Standard, as well as STANAG2345 NATO Standard.

About the Company: ForceApp BV


ForceApp BV is a dynamic Dutch SME that implements the latest technology for extra security in Homeland Security and Defense. Its flagship product is ForceApp, the military secure alternative to WhatsApp or similar "safe" chat apps.ForceApp BV is official (technical) partner of The Defence Innovation Greenhouse (The DIG, www.defen- ceinnovation.eu), which is a non-profit, international innovation, collaboration and best practice center that aims to accelerate the delivery of the latest technologies into the hands of our crisis responders. The DIG is a unique organization that offers multi- national teams an apolitical and vendor-neutral ecosystem in which they can work together to create advanced technical solutions for our crisis responders, including military, first responders, qualifying NGO's and industries. The DIG aims to help governments and industry go from concept to customer benefit in 12 months or less, dramatically reducing both delivery times and costs. IN FORCEAPP, WE HELP SECURE CRITICAL ASSETS BY LINKING RISK MANAGEMENT, IT AND CYBER SECURITY STRATEGIES TO BUSINESS GOALS

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