ForceApp BV becomes member of the Hague Security Delta

The Netherlands, 15 March 2022

Within the framework of our activities in the Netherlands, ForceApp BV, member of the Aratos Group, becomes member of the Hague Security Delta (HSD). HSD is the Dutch security cluster which consists of over 275 companies, governmental organizations, and knowledge institutions. HSD members have the opportunity to exchange views, share knowledge, and collaborate with the view to provide innovative security solutions aiming at forming a more secure environment for the future. HSD mainly focuses on providing solutions in the field of cyber-security & resilience, Data & AI/Intel, along with Smart Secure Societies.

Within this context, our company, ForceApp BV, is able to provide several innovative solutions that could make every organization and state safer than before. Our leading-edge technologies, along with our Total Security Process Re-engineering (T.S.P.R.) methodology allow us to provide holistic security solutions that can address every security threat, no matter if the threat is conventional or unconventional, no matter if it uses regular or irregular means. What matters for us is to keep every building, city, organization, and state, along with the cyberspace safeguarded and totally protected.

Therefore, we would like to express our excitement about joining HSD as we will be able to build powerful collaborations, enhance our knowledge, and expand our network in the Netherlands and internationally aiming always at delivering sustainable security innovations.